Couture for a Cause 2016

edie kaye was delighted to participate in Couture for a Cause in November 2016.  Designers for the show created two looks each - a Ready-To-Wear and a Couture look.  I'm proud and humbled to say that edie kaye won best Couture gown!  The designers featured in this show are so talented and inspiring, I'm grateful I had the chance to work alongside them.

Couture for a Cause matches local designers up with local nonprofits to create looks that are inspired by their missions.  We also did some fundraising to support Activate Good’s mission to "activate volunteers to help charitable causes in the Triangle and beyond."  I hope this show helped to raise, not only donations, but volunteers who might not have heard about some of these organizations otherwise but feel passionate about their efforts.

Motheread, the nonprofit I was paired with, is an organization that puts books in the hands, literacy in the lives, and stories in the hearts of children and adults.  I chose to design for this nonprofit because learning to read and learning to love reading are skills that change lives. Being able to read is a life skill that opens doors to so many opportunities. Loving to read opens a mind to a whole world of knowledge, wisdom, and adventure.

My first look, inspired by children's classics and Motheread's logo - an open book.  You can see the nonprofit’s mission come through in the reference to the open pages of the book in Motheread's logo in the pleating on the bodice. The hem line of the dress has illustrations that were inspired by some of the books used in the Motheread curriculum.

To create the pleating on the bodice I wrote out the words to some of my favorite children's books on fabric and then pleated it in a sunburst pattern.  The hemline of the dress is covered in fabric squares that are traced with some of the sweetest illustrations.  Backstage, people had fun identifying them all :)


In my second look, I wanted to show the spirit of Motheread's imagination. People have been inspired by the stars and told stories through the constellations for thousands of years. I wanted to show the night sky in a gown.  When I see the name "Motheread" I can't help but think of Mother Goose flying through a starry sky. I love that part of Motheread's mission is giving the gift of stories to their students.

To create the look, I charted the constellations in the autumn sky onto my skirt and then sewed LED lights to all the stars.  To create the wings, I cut feathers from the pages of a 700 page book.  It's a little ironic that such an ethereal look weighed so much!

I'm so happy I was able to contribute to such a great and fun cause.  I loved working with my models and the team at Activate Good.  Thanks for a terrific experience!

Redress Raleigh 2013

I am so excited to be a part of Redress Raleigh this year! Redress Raleigh is an Eco-Fashion and Textiles Conference taking place in the Raleigh Marriott City Center from March 22nd to the 24th.  They’ve got speakers coming from across the country for lectures and workshops, a marketplace on Sunday and the fashion show is Saturday night at 9 pm with a pre-show cocktail hour starting at 8.  Purchase your tickets now!

My part in all this is showing a collection from edie kaye on the runway (on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah)  The gowns will be made from eco-friendly materials, including some wacky stuff like industrial size wicks, plastic grocery sacks, reclaimed fabric and garments I found at goodwill (and yes, Thrift Shop* by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has been in my head for weeks, now).

The collection is inspired by The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern and will be black, white, gray, and silver.  I will show ten looks that I’ve had a lot of fun designing.  I’m so excited to see them come to life and to be a part of such a good event.  The challenge is to create beautiful gowns using material that may not be beautiful in and of itself.  The process of making custom clothing lends itself well to using “green” materials.  Incorporating used garments is an aspect of my business that I love – it gives me a challenge, it adds an extra layer of meaning and worthiness to the clothing I make (which, for a wedding gown, is something to be strived for), and most importantly for Redress Raleigh it showcases the ease and beauty of dressing green.  My goal for the garments in this collection is that you will only know that they are made “green” because they are in this show, not because you can identify some of my wacky materials.  Reimagining the idea of what formal wear is made of is one of the principles of this conference that I gravitate the most towards.  Formal wear has a tradition to it, that I think even the greenest of girls might adjust their standards for.  A formal gown is a rarely used item in the closet, it’s not readily available in an eco-conscious form and when you need a formal gown, there’s really no substitute.  I want to show that remaking an old gown or using fabric that is manufactured conscientiously still creates a garment that is beautifully, uniquely, and uncompromisingly perfect for the customer.

Stay tuned, I’ll show some sneak peeks in the coming weeks!

*I linked the youtube video from The Ellen Show so it’s “radio edited”

MJ and MK's Wedding

Our dear friend MJ was married April 20, 2012 to her beloved MK! I am so happy my husband and I were able to attend their beautiful ceremony, reception, and after party. The intimate ceremony & reception showcased the love of the couple and their family and friends so beautifully and the after party was a blast!

MJ’s wedding gown, a fabulous edie kaye creation, was worn with all the brilliance of a confident and loving woman. The fitted silhouette, natural waist line and hint of a mermaid hemline made from silk/cotton lining and scalloped lace provided a wonderful balance of structure and femininity. The sweetheart neckline (with groom-pleasing decollate) and lace cap sleeves framed our bride’s lovely face. A motif throughout the wedding, the scalloping of the lace brought a vintage, art-deco feel to the event. Thank-you MJ, for letting me be a part of such a joyful day!

At the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art, we had a lovely luncheon overlooking the lake. I thought everything about the reception – the colors, flowers, delicious food, the very atmosphere – just radiated love and happiness.

The after-party took place in the couple’s favorite local pub, the Old Winston Social Club.  In true North Carolina fashion, we ate barbeque, hush puppies, macaroni & cheese and green beans.  The awesome music was hand-picked by the bride and groom, the drinks were plentiful and the pub games, hilarious!

The bride needed a gown that could meet the casual atmosphere of the pub-party but still feel bridal and special.  We collaborated to come up with a strapless, circle skirt, tea-length silhouette. The dress is made from a Marc Jacobs white cotton lawn with a modern foral pattern and used the same sash that was worn with the wedding gown.


Every detail of this event was beautiful and special, thanks to MJ’s great taste and creativity and the wonderful people who helped put it all together:

Planning and Event Design – Rebecca Rose Events

Floral Design – Amy Lynn Originals

Invitation Design – Timepiece Paper Co.

Wedding Gown and Party Dress – edie kaye designs

and the awesome photographers Sara and Jamey!

Thanks again MJ – you are a truly special person and I am so happy for you and your husband!